Piranha Soft Nitrile Black Disposable Gloves

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Piranha Soft Nitrile Gloves were manufactured to ensure maximum protection, great comfort and handling sensitivity. The synthetic rubber ensures that these are differentiated gloves when it comes to quality, resistance and safety.

Piranha Soft Nitrile Gloves are an alternative to Piranha Latex Gloves for people who are allergic or develop hypersensitivity to this material. Piranha Soft Nitrile Gloves are available in Black, Violet and Pink.

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Piranha Soft Nitrile Black Disposable Gloves

Medical Certification

Piranha Soft Nitrile Gloves are certified as a “MEDICAL DEVICE CLASS 1” by Infarmed. In addition to being a guarantee of safety, quality and consistency standards, this certification is a guarantee of broadening areas of intervention, particularly in the medical sector.

Differentiated Packaging

As we give great value to sustainability, our packaging is made from recycled materials and with optimization of volumetry, so as to have minimal impact on the environment.

These packages are a vehicle where the artists of our community find a space for artistic intervention and sharing. The illustration of the gloves was executed by Spanish artist Toni Donaire, a world reference of the Neo Traditional style.

Designed in Portugal

Piranha Soft Nitrile Disposable Gloves were designed in Portugal and manufactured in Malaysia, complying with a strict certification plan by Infarmed and ensuring a very tight quality control. With each batch of gloves, we guarantee the best quality, protection, and performance.



  • Soft nitrile 3,5g
  • Powderless
  • Up to three times more resistant to puncture
  • Texture on the fingers ensures precision handling
  • Choice indicated to those allergic to natural rubber (Latex)
  • The right choice for users of oils and petroleum compounds
  • Certified as Medical Device Class 1


Intervention areas: Tattoo and body piercing; aesthetics and PMU; medical sector; restaurants and hotels; car mechanics; cleaning and repairs; industry and commerce in general; homes and IPSS; domestic use

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